Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Introduction to Get the Lead Out

Get The Lead Out is Creative Workshop held on the West Side of Los Angeles hosted by Angie Jones and Cheryl Kline. Our workshop is designed for artists of all levels.

Sign up now to get on the list for the first workshop!
Send an email to angie@sticksandjones.com

Each session has a theme and set with a model in costume interacting with props and a stage. The atmosphere we create is theatrical and will spark your inner artist. You are welcome to bring any media including charcoal, pencils, watercolor, oils and even laptops! A strip will be ready for you to plug-in!

These are uninstructed sessions held at the Kline Academy in Culver City. If you live on the east side, but work on the west side...what better way to wait out the traffic than to sit and draw with friends for a few hours.

Tuesday Nights
Our first class will be 12.09.08

7:30pm - 10:30 pm
(late enough to get off work and get there!)
Models from the Gallery Girl Group
Only $25 for the night
Required to buy 4 classes at a time.
These 4 classes can used each month, or spread out over a 2 month period.
Click PayPal button to the right to reserve a spot!

Bring your owns snacks and refreshments pot-luck style!

Visitors are welcome~! You can bring someone if you like, to check it out. First timers do not have to draw.

Theme ideas so far are Silent Actress, Barbarella, Geisha Vampires, Arabian Nights, Mobsters, Voodoo Magic, Circus Freaks...and more!

This blog will post each month's themes for each class and post artwork submitted by participants.

If you have an idea for a theme or want to be added to the list for the next class, please send an email to angie@sticksandjones.com

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